Wedding 2023

For a banquet nad evening celebration, there is a covered terrace, dance pavilion, indoor lounge and seating by the waterfall. Capacity is about 50 seated people. Your own staff and bartender will be at your disposal.

The price consists of a package, food and drinks. Of course, it depends on whether you want to have an earlier ceremony, a classic served lunch and evening banquet, or a later ceremony and then a straight banquet and evening entertainment. All these options are possible with us and we can discuss them individually.

We will be happy to take care of the coordination of the ceremony and the whole day, so you don't need a coordinator with us.

Wedding package:

Rent a louge, covered small terrace, dance pavilion Aladin                                                          Rental of a ceremonial gazebo, including all equipment and decorations

Accomodation for two people a day in advance (morning preparations on the wedding day)
Accomodation for newlyweds in a bridal room with bath and canopy

Coordination of the ceremony and the whole wedding day
Profesional service reserved only for you

Ensuring wedding customs

DJ from 18:00 - 01:00
Extended opening hours until 01:00
Recommendation of suitable suppliers

(flowers and decoration, announcement, photographer...)

Price for up to 30 people
70 000,- Kč without VAT
Price from 30 to 50 people
90 000,- Kč without VAT

Packages do not include food and beverages.

If you are interested, contact our sales department, we will be happy to send you more information about services, catering and avaible dates.