Not only our guests can use the wide range of massages, rituals and peelings we offer.

Whether you have already decided to use our massage services or you are just thinking about it, the following lines could help you with your choice. Every guest is welcomed here with a warm smile and open arms, which is important especially in today’s hectic and anonymous environment.

Our salon staff is absolutely discrete, of course. We strive to satisfy every client and make everyone feel comfortable.

Every client will be served real jasmine tea that we will bring up to the massage bed. If you prefer different beverages, you can of course choose anything else we offer.

We try to listen not only to our clients but also to their bodies. Every person has different feelings, different pain threshold and different moods. We are here for you, to create moments full of harmony and to use our hands skillfully on your body.

Your satisfaction and willingness to return is the best reward for us.
Massages price list (all prices are excl. VAT). Reservation at our reception desk is required.

Sport Massage


It is much more intense than other massages and it activates the body really effectively. It can be either calming or stimulating, to enhance warmth and blood circulation in the muscles. Muscles are more flexible and resistant then. The sport massage quickens excretion of fatigue substances, but at the same time it has a similar effect as physical exercise. Special massage preparations are used for this type of massage – oils, gels, emulsions. In winter or in cold weather warming preparations that enhance blood circulation are applied. This helps to protect the muscles.

Full-body sport massage (60 min.) 1,000,- CZK