250g Beef steak

pepper, maldon salt

685 Kč

300g Beef rib eye steak

pepper, maldon salt

675 Kč

300g Aged pork chop

herbs, pepper, maldon salt

295 Kč

200g Tiger prawns

parsley-garlic oil

355 Kč


Beef carpaccio

with arugula, capers and Grana Padano cheese  

265 Kč

Goose liver Pate

and foie on butter brioche, onion chutney, butter brioche

245 Kč

Tuna carpaccio

with guacamole, coriander and chilli

325 Kč

Salmon tartare

with olives, honey, dill and Cointreau,

Créme fraiche and coarse-grained mustard, toast

245 Kč

Garlic prawns     

white wine and chilli peppers

295 Kč


Creamy cabbage soup

with mushrooms and roasted ham

90 Kč

Beef broth

beef liver dumpling, noodles and Julliene vegetable

95 Kč

Tomato cream

with Grana Padano cheese and basil pesto

90 Kč


Leaf salad with smoked duck breast

fennel, cherry tomatoes, oranges and fried onion

325 Kč

Greek salad with Feta cheese

olive oil, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, red onion, black olives

275 Kč

Grilled goat cheese on variations of leaf salads

cranberries and walnuts

280 Kč

Lamb´s lettuce with smoked salmon

with honey-mustard dressing and avocado, cherry tomatoes and a variation of roasted seeds

285 Kč

Caesar salad

with garlic croutons and Grana Padano cheese

175 Kč

+ portion of grilled chicken breast

115 Kč

+ portion of grilled prawns - 5 pcs

155 Kč

Main courses

Slow roasted beef ribs in herbs

BBQ sauce, coleslaw, corn salad

395 Kč

Lamb shank in red port wine sauce

with mix of roasted potatoes, sun dried tomatoes and olives

425 Kč

Beef Burger "Popovičky"

french fries, garlic alioli mayonnaise 

375 Kč

Deer sirloin with pistachio crust

roasted beetroot with Grand Marnier and demi glace, whipped chestnuts with butter 

545 Kč

Roasted pork tenderloin a la Saltimbocca

Serrano ham and sage, creamy mushroom sauce, onion potato puree 

385 Kč

Sun dried tomato pasta spaghetty

with baby spinach, shallots, garlic and olive oil 

235 Kč

+ portion of roasted chicken

115 Kč

+ portion of roasted prawns

155 Kč

Pulled beef in balsamic

potato-pumpkin puree, wild garlic pesto, pomegranate with celery stalks

  395 Kč

Salmon gravlax

sweet and sour beluga lentils, parsley-garlic oil

475 Kč

Chicken supreme

apple cider foot vegetables, creamy tarragon sauce

385 Kč

Czech and Austrian specials

Tenderloin beef in cream sauce

with herb-bread dumplings and cranberries

325 Kč


boiled beef rump tail in broth served with steamed creamy spinach, marrowbone, crusty fried bread, chive sauce, horseradish and potato rösti

625 Kč

Wiener schnitzel

served with viennese potato salad 

385 Kč

Confited duck leg Barbarie

potato and herb dumplings, cabbage variation

395 Kč

Beef tartare steak

mixed and flavoured, served with crispy bread

395 Kč

Beef rouladen with jasmine rice

rump steak filled with bacon, onion, mustard, egg and pickels

345  Kč

Kids menu

Tenderloin beef in cream sauce

with herb bread dumplings and cranberries

195 Kč

Grilled or fried turkey steak

creamy mashed potatoes

175 Kč

Tomato sauce Tagliatelle pasta

served with Grana Padano cheese

155 Kč


Tartare sauce

55 Kč

Green peppercorn sauce

65 Kč

Creamy mushroom sauce

65 Kč

Demi Glace with butter and herbs

65 Kč

Side dishes

Potato puree

70 Kč

Roasted grenaille potatoes with butter and thyme

70 Kč

Whipped chestnuts with butter

90 Kč

Viennese potato salad

70 Kč

Steak chips

70 Kč

Jasmine rice

55 Kč

Grilled vegetables

95 Kč

Crusty fried bread 2 pcs

made of our buttermilk bread

30 Kč

Steamed dumplings

herb-bread or potato

75 Kč

Vegetable salad

mixed, lettuce leaves, cucumber, Coleslaw


Grana Padano cheese

60 Kč


bread with spreads

25 Kč

Gluten-free couvert

50 Kč


Caramel-egg yolk creamy cake

155 Kč

Germknödel with vanila cream

fluffy yeast dough dumpling with plum jam, topped with poppy seeds and sugar

165 Kč


with white chocolate and fruits

155 Kč

Dessert of the day

155 Kč

Häagen-Dazs ice cream selection

55 Kč

Roasted almonds

105 Kč

Cheese selection

245 Kč

For the information of the allergens you can ask your waiter.