The location, where our Park Hotel Popovičky is situated, its style, character and focus, even its cuisine, was formed by history and tradition. In the past a coaching inn with large stables was standing here. Teamsters of stagecoaches and mercantile wagons were swapping horses here after their long journey from Vienna.

Last stop, last refreshment or overnight accommodation before reaching the gates of the City of hundred spires. It must have been a good inn with honest cuisine and wine cellars. A guest traveling this royal road from Vienna to Prague was not just anyone. After all, such traveler could afford to pay the high toll so he could use this safe and guarded road. There were two other dusty roads leading to Prague, but they were not guarded. A merchant risked there that he would be robbed of goods and money by a band of highwaymen.

Therefore mainly rich, important and famous people chose this royal road. It is said that even famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had a lunch in the coaching inn in Popovičky on his journey to Prague to attend the opening night of his opera Don Giovanni. The stagecoach in which he rode to Vyšehrad, where the journey ended, looked the same as the stagecoach we have in our sign today. It became our symbol and reminds us of the remote, romantic past. As well as our cuisine and our menu that honors the Austrian culinary tradition.

In our menu you will find a hefty soup prepared according to the traditional Austrian recipe – Tafelspitz, an excellent national dish – Wiener Rostbraten (Vienna roast beef), or sweet main dishes and desserts. A real Viennese could not give up these dishes even far away from home.

Welcome to the Park Hotel Popovičky, sit down and enjoy your meal. Lets come back to times when ladies were smart and delicate, gentlemen gallant and traveling on royal road was calm and safe. Before your teamster swaps horses, we will take care of your comfrot.